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Graduate Course Catalog

ECON 401 – Mathematical Methods of Economic Theory

Linear algebra and multivariate calculus, emphasizing results used in graduate-level economic theory courses.

ECON 410 – Microeconomics

Modern theory of consumer behavior and of the firm; competitive equilibrium; game theory; informational asymmetries in markets. (Required sequence.)

ECON 411 – Macroeconomics

Aggregative economic theory of consumption, investment, money, interest, price level, economic growth, and fluctuations. (Required sequence.)

ECON 412 – Economic Theory and Methods

Methodological aspects of modern economic theory. Problems in economic decision making, strategic interaction, and welfare economics.

ECON 414 – Economics of Information

Asymmetric information in markets and organizations. Topics include search, signaling, bidding, rational expectations, moral hazard, principal-agent problems, and contract-mechanism design.

ECON 415 – Advanced Microeconomics

Current topics in microeconomic theory; emphasis on mathematical formulations and techniques.

ECON 416 – Advanced Macroeconomics

Recent contributions to macroeconomics. Topics may include determinants of aggregate demand and supply; models of economic growth; money supply; interest rates; capital markets; and level of prices and outputs.

ECON 420-1 – Advanced Topics in American Economic History

New research techniques and results. Economic analysis of historical problems, particularly developments in the post-cliometric era.

ECON 420-2 – Advanced Topics in European Economic History

Application of economic theory and other quantitative techniques to studies of European economic evolution.

ECON 425 – Theory of Economic Development

Theories of economic development and growth. Includes both the macroeconomic aspects of long-term patterns of economic growth and the micro-economic structure, performance, and problems of developing economies.

ECON 430 – Monetary Theory and Policy

Advanced issues in national and international monetary theory and policy. (Courses on these topics are also taught as 416-1,2,3 and 460-1,2,3.)

ECON 436 – Theory and Practice of Public Finance

The design and effects of government spending and tax programs. Theoretical and empirical aspects of government spending and taxes are analyzed, primarily in the United States.

ECON 440 – Economics of the Labor Market

Theoretical and empirical study of the structure and functions of labor markets.

ECON 450 – Industrial Organization and Prices

Theoretical and empirical analysis of basic influences on industrial markets, their economic organization, practices and price formation, and related public policy issues.

ECON 460 – International Economics

Analytical tools for understanding international and interregional economic relations. International trade policy. Relationship of theory to specific problems.

ECON 480 – Introduction to Econometrics

Nonparametric and linear regression, identification, principles of statistical inference, extremum estimators, asymptotic statistical theory, time series analysis, discrete response analysis, structural microeconometrics. (Required sequence.)

ECON 481 – Econometrics

Advanced theory of identification, estimation, and statistical inference. Includes partial identification of probability distributions, the bootstrap, refinements of asymptotic theory, and semi- and nonparametric structural microeconometrics.

ECON 482 – Applied Econometrics: Time-Series Methods

Topics include univariate ARIMA modeling, vector auto-regressions, autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity, generalized method of moments, and nonstationary time series.

ECON 483 – Applied Econometrics: Cross-Section Methods

Methods used to analyze large cross-section and panel data sets with emphasis on applications. Analysis of covariance, fixed effects and random effects models, simultaneous equations and qualitative variables, and duration models.

ECON 498 – Advanced Topics in Economics

Topics vary with the field of specialization of visiting or regular faculty.

ECON 499 – Independent Study

Permission of instructor and department required. May be repeated for credit.

ECON 501 – Graduate Student Seminar

Student presentations of research papers. Primarily aimed at third year students.

ECON 515 – Research Seminar in Economic Theory

Open to graduate students with research interests in economic theory.

ECON 520 – Research Seminar in Economic History

Open to graduate students with research interests in economic history.

ECON 530 – Research Seminar in Macroeconomics

Open to graduate students with research interests in macroeconomics.

ECON 535 – Research Seminar in Applied Microeconomics

Open to graduate students with research interests in labor, public finance, health care, education and development economics.

ECON 536 – Research Seminar in Public Finance

Open to graduate students with research interests in public finance.

ECON 540 – Research Seminar in Labor Economics

Open to graduate students with research interests in labor economics.

ECON 550 – Research Seminar in Industrial Organization

Open to graduate students with research interests in industrial organization.

ECON 560 – Research Seminar in Development and Trade Economics

Open to graduate students with research interests in international economics and economic development.

ECON 580 – Research Seminar in Econometrics

Open to graduate students with research interests in econometrics.

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