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Ph.D. Candidates Available for Positions in Summer 2018

The following Ph.D. students from the Department of Economics and the Kellogg School of Management are seeking employment for the next academic year. The candidates’ vitas can be found on their individual web pages.

The Director of Graduate Placement Matthias Doepke can be contacted by phone at (847) 491-8207 or by email at to convey additional information on the candidates. You can also contact the candidates or their committee chairs directly. In addition to the links to email addresses, telephone numbers are contained in each vita.

If you require materials on a specific candidate  (which includes their vita, job market paper, and recommendation letters) please contact the Placement Administrator, Mercedes Thomas, by phone at (847) 491-5694 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Central Time or by email at

Ahmed, RafayalKellogg School of ManagementEmailRafayal Ahmed
Rafayal AhmedWebpage
Microeconomic Theory
Titan Alon
references: Matthias Doepke (Committee Chair), David Berger, Joel Mokyr 
Alon, Titan
EconomicsEmailTitan Alon
Titan AlonWebpage
Macroeconomics, Labor Economics
Michael Andrews

References: Nicolas Ziebarth (Committee Chair), Joel Mokyr, Joseph Ferrie

Andrews, Michael
PostdocEmailMichael Andrews
Michael AndrewsWebpage
Economic History, Economics of Innovation
Arjada Bardhi
References:   Bruno Strulovici (Committee Chair), Asher Wolinsky (Committee Co-Chair),  Georgy Egorov, Yingni Guo
Bardhi, Arjada
EconomicsEmailArjada Bardhi
Arjada BardhiWebpage
Microeconomic Theory
Benson, DavidEconomicsEmailDavid Benson
David BensonWebpage
Industrial Organization, Economics of Healthcare
Enrico Berkes
References: Matthias Doepke (Committee Chair), Treb Allen, Benjamin F. Jones, Lorenz Kueng
Berkes, Enrico
EconomicsEmailEnrico Berkes
Enrico BerkesWebpage
Economics of Innovation, Macroeconomics
Janjala Chirakijja
References:  Seema Jayachandran (Committee Co-Chair), Matt Notowidigdo (Committee Co-Chair),  Lori Beaman, Jonathan Guryan
Chirakijja, Janjala
EconomicsEmailJanjala Chirakijja
Janjala ChirakijjaWebpage
Labor Economics, Public Economics
Sena   Coskun
References:  Matthias Doepke (Committee Chair), Lawrence Christiano, Matthew Notowidigdo
Coskun , Sena
EconomicsEmailSena Coskun
Sena Coskun Webpage
Macroeconomics, Labor Economics
Dalgic, HusnuEconomicsEmailHusnu Dalgic
Husnu DalgicWebpage
Macroeconomics, International Economics
Daniel Fershtman
References: Eddie Dekel (Committee Chair), Alessandro Pavan(Committee Co-Chair), Asher Wolinsky
Fershtman, Daniel
EconomicsEmailDaniel Fershtman
Daniel FershtmanWebpage
Microeconomic Theory
Mariano Irace
References: Igal Hendel (Committee Chair), Robert Porter, Gaston Illanes, Leemore Dafny
Irace, Mariano
EconomicsEmailMariano Irace
Mariano IraceWebpage
Economics of Healthcare, Industrial Organization
Kamat, VishalEconomicsEmailVishal Kamat
Vishal KamatWebpage
Rene Leal Vizcaino
References:  Eddie Dekel (Committee Chair), Jeffrey Ely, Alessando Pavan
Leal Vizcaino, Rene
EconomicsEmailRene Leal Vizcaino
Rene Leal VizcainoWebpage
Microeconomic Theory
Eric Mbakop
References: Ivan Canay (Committee Chair), Robert Porter, Alexander Torgovitsky
Mbakop, Eric
EconomicsEmailEric Mbakop
Eric MbakopWebpage
Econometrics, Industrial Organization
Mohnen, PaulEconomicsEmailPaul Mohnen
Paul MohnenWebpage
Labor Economics
James Myatt
References:  Robert Porter (Committee Chair), Mar Reguant, Igal Hendel
Myatt, James
EconomicsEmailJames Myatt
James MyattWebpage
Industrial Organization
Natalya   Naumenko
References: Joel Mokyr (Committee Chair), Nancy Qian, Joseph Ferrie
Naumenko, Natalya
EconomicsEmailNatalya Naumenko
Natalya NaumenkoWebpage
Economic History
Abdoulaye Ndiaye

References: Alessandro Pavan (Committee Chair ), Guido Lorenzoni (Committee Co-Chair), Mariacristina De Nardi, Lawrence Christiano  

Ndiaye, Abdoulaye
EconomicsEmailAbdoulaye Ndiaye
Abdoulaye NdiayeWebpage
Macroeconomics, Public Economics
Sam Norris

References: Jonathan Guryan (Committee Co-Chair), Seema Jayachandran (Committee Co-Chair),  Lori BeamanMatt Notowidigdo

Norris, Sam
EconomicsEmailSam Norris
Sam NorrisWebpage
Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics
Brian O'Quinn
References:  Giorgio Primiceri (Committee Chair), Gaston Illanes, Guido Lorenzoni
O'Quinn, Brian
EconomicsEmailBrian O'Quinn
Brian O'QuinnWebpage
Susan Ou
References:  Matt Notowidigdo  (Committee Chair), Lori Beaman, Mar Reguant
Ou, Susan
EconomicsEmailSusan Ou
Susan OuWebpage
Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Kym Pram
References:  Eddie Dekel (Committee Chair), Alessandro Pavan, Piero Gottardi 
Pram, Kym
PostdocEmailKym Pram
Kym PramWebpage
Microeconomic Theory
Mikhail Safronov
References:  Wojciech Olszewski (Committee Chair), Hamid SabourianBruno Strulovici
Safronov, Mikhail
PostdocEmailMikhail Safraonov
Mikhail SafraonovWebpage
Microeconomic Theory
Felipe Shalders
References:  Lawrence Christiano (Committee Chair),  Matthias Doepke, Jeff Ely, Luis de Araujo
Shalders, Felipe
EconomicsEmailFelipe Shalders
Felipe ShaldersWebpage
Bela Szabadi

References: Asher Wolinsky (Committee Chair), Wojciech Olszewski, Alessandro Pavan

Szabadi, Bela
EconomicsEmailBela Szabadi
Bela SzabadiWebpage
Microeconomic Theory
Takahashi, YutaEconomicsEmailYuta Takahashi
Yuta TakahashiWebpage
Macroeconomics, Trade Economics
Yuta Toyama
References:  Robert Porter (Committee Chair), Mar Reguant, Kei Kawai
Toyama, Yuta
EconomicsEmailYuta Toyama
Yuta ToyamaWebpage
Industrial Organization
Rainer Widmann
References:  Benjamin F. Jones (Committee Chair),  Nicola Persico, David Besanko, Craig Garthwaite
Widmann, Rainer
Kellogg School of ManagementEmailRainer Widmann
Rainer WidmannWebpage
Economics of Innovation, Applied Microeconomics
Zhang, LinyiKellogg School of ManagementEmailLinyi Zhang
Linyi ZhangWebpage
Economics of Innovation, Applied Microeconomics
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