Students may seek general curricular and career counseling from any member of the Department. They often get help from faculty they meet in introductory or core courses; faculty who know a bit about them and with whom they feel comfortable.

In addition the Department has an advising system. This advising system is a four-step process:

Step 1: Our Web Site

Information on our programs and degree requirements can be found at:

We have also posted answers to frequently asked questions on these topics:

Step 2: Our Undergraduate Program Assistant

If our web site and printed material does not answer your question, visit our Undergraduate Program Assistant, Sarah Muir Ferrer,  at 2211 Campus Drive, room 3293 or email her at  Sarah should be able to answer your question; or if not, will know where to direct you.

Step 3: Our Undergraduate Advisors

If the web site and the Undergraduate Program Assistant are unable to fully answer your question, you should see one of our team of faculty advisers who hold office hours throughout the week. No appointments are necessary. Their names and hours are listed below. They can help you with most problems and can are the only people who sign petitions to graduate, or declarations of a major or minor.

Advisors’ Hours

Step 4: Our Director of Undergraduate Studies

In complicated cases, one of our team of advisors will refer you to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Mark Witte.