In the interest of mutual gains from exchange, the Director of Undergraduate Studies maintains a list of Northwestern Economics graduate students who are willing to tutor economics classes.

It is prohibited for graduate students to tutor for classes for which they are currently the Teaching Assistant.

It is often possible to get together with several of your friends, pool your money, and pay the tutor somewhat more than his or her going hourly rate but less than you would pay if each of you hired a tutor on your own.

The Department of Economics makes no endorsements and assumes no liability for anything relating to tutoring.

Name and email




Abdou Ndiaye


1 person - $40/hr

2 people - $30/hr each

3 or more people - $25/hr each

Economics: Microeconomics (310-1, 310-2, 331, 350, 380-1), Macroeconomics (201, 308, 309, 311, 316, 360-1), Econometrics (281).

Math:  (Univariate /Multivariate) Calculus ,  (Linear/Group) Algebra, (Real/Complex) Analysis, Measure/Probability Theory, Statistics.
4th year Econ PhD student. Has TA experience in Econ 201, 202, 381-1&2. Has tutored for almost all Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and  Econometrics as well as math classes. Experienced.

Alex Limonov


$100/hour, individual only.

Free consultation and personalized tutoring plan.

Undergraduate: economics, mathematics and writing.

MBA/EMBA: all DECS courses; analytical and research methods courses in accounting, finance and marketing; case study analysis.

PhD Candidate in Managerial Economics & Strategy, Kellogg. Professional teaching and tutoring experience with The Princeton Review. Extensive coursework in economic theory and graduate-level analysis. Previously a developer working on big data analytics for a Fortune 50 software company. Fluent in English.

Chris Kalisiak


1 person - $40/hr,

2 people - $30/hr each,

3 or more people - $25/hr each

Macroeconomics (all levels), mathematics (undergraduate) 5th year Econ PhD student; MA Economics, BSc Mathematics; TA'd multiple times ECON 201, 311, and 361

David Benson


$60/hour individual; group (2+) discount $100/hour

Undergraduate and MBA economics, statistics/econometrics, math, coding, and presentations

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, Native English speaker, PhD candidate, Duke University B.S. Economics and B.A. Mathematics, published research with 50+ citations, 2+ years professional experience in banking and startup sectors.

Egor Kozlov


1 person $35/hour, 2 people $25/hour each, 3+ negotiable. Macroeconomics (all levels), Microeconomics (all levels), Labor Economics, Econometrics & Statistics. 2nd year Econ PhD student, TA of Econ-342. 2 years of TA and tutoring experience prior to NU. English/Russian.

James Myatt


$80/hour - individual; groups of 2 or more -  $120/hour Microeconomics, Econometrics, Transportation Econ, Game Theory, Industrial Organization, Calculus, Probability and Statistics, MATLAB and STATA Native English Speaker; 5th year Econ PhD Student. University tutor at NYU for math and economics. Previous TA for Econ 310-1, 202, and Transport. Econ.

John Farragut


Individual: $50/hr. Groups: $40/hr per person Microeconomics, econometrics, and related courses; all levels. Economics PhD candidate. Native English speaker. Distinguished teaching assistant award. Previous TA for ECON 310-1, 360-2, 410-1 (x4), 410-3

Jonas Blomberger


1-person: $40/hour, 2-person: $60/hour, 3-person $80/hour. Larger group rates are negotiable.

202 Introduction to Microeconomics,
310-1 Intermediate Microeconomics I, 310-2 Intermediate Microeconomics II, 331 Economics of Risk and Uncertainty, 380-1,2 Game Theory, 410-1,2,3 Microeconomics, 414-1,2,3 Economics of Information

4th year Econ PhD student. TA experience in 380-1 and 380-2 at NU, and previously three years of TA/tutoring experience during undergraduate in the US. Two years of work experience at Federal Reserve Bank of NY. Research interest in Microeconomics and Game Theory. Bilingual English/German.

Mariano Irace


1 person: $45/hr

2 people: $35/hr each

3 or more people: $25/hr each

Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Econometrics and related courses.

PhD candidate. TA experience in ECON 202, 310-1, 330

Nicolas Inostroza


1 person - $40/hr,
2 persons - $30/hr each, 3 or more- $25/hr each.

Microeconomics, Game Theory, Industrial Organization 4th year Econ Ph.D. student.
Experienced TA. 7 years of experience
tutoring microeconomics. Fluent English.

Susan Ou


1 Person: $50/hour
2 People: $35/hour each
3 or more: $25/hr each

Econometrics (Econ 281, 381), Stata

4th year Econ PhD student. Native English speaker. Previous TA/tutoring experience in econometrics. Extensive
experience with Stata. B.A. Columbia University.