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Summer 2020 Class Schedule

ECON 201Introduction to MacroeconomicsMWF9:30-11:205 earlyEVKGH 1410Richard Walker
ECON 202Introduction to MicroeconomicsTWTh3:00-4:505 lateEVKGH 1410James Hornsten
ECON 281Introduction to Applied EconometricsTWTh1:00-2:505 earlyEVKGH 3301Richard Walker
ECON 310-1Microeconomics ITTh3:00-5:206EVKGH 3301Eric Schulz
ECON 310-2Microeconomics IITWTh9:30-11:205 earlyEVKGH 3301Scott Ogawa
ECON 311MacroeconomicsMWF3:00-4:505 earlyEVKGH 3301Mark Witte
ECON 330Behavioral EconomicsTTh6:30-8:50pm6EVKGH 1410Eric Schulz
ECON 341Economics of EducationTWTh1:00-2:505 earlyEVKGH 1410Scott Ogawa
ECON 349Industrial EconomicsTWTh6:30-8:20pm5 lateEVKGH 3301James Hornsten
ECON 361International TradeMF9:30-12:20pm5 earlyEVKGH 3301Mark Witte

5 week early classes meet in the weeks of June 22 to July 24
6 week classes meet in the weeks of June 22 to July 31
5 week late classes meet in the weeks of July 27 to August 28

Registration information is available at:

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