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Prospective Students

If you are a prospective student interested in sitting in on an Economics class this Fall quarter, please view the approved classes below. Please take special note of the dates where it would not be appropriate for you to sit in on the class.

If the dates do you not work for your schedule, you may email Christy Anderson, Assistant Director of Administration and Undergraduate Student Services and she can help you set up a meeting with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Mark Witte.

For more information about the Department of Economics, please visit our website.

ECON 201

Introduction to Macroeconomics


TTh  3:30-4:50pm: TECH AUD 588

*Please do not visit on 10/23/18 and 11/29/18

ECON 201

Introduction to Macroeconomics


MW  3:30-4:50pm: TECH Lec Rm 3 (277)

*Please do not visit on 10/24/18 and 11/12/18

ECON 202

Introduction to Microeconomics


TTh  9:30-10:50 TECH Lec Rm 2 (292)

*Please do not visit on 10/23/18, 10/25/18, 11/20/18, 11/27/18, and 11/29/18

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