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Advising Hours

Our Undergraduate Advisors can help all undergraduate students with most problems. They are the only people who sign petitions to graduate, or declarations of a major or minor. No appointments are necessary. Their offices are in the 2211 Campus Drive building, the Kellogg Global Hub (KGH).

Note for first-year students seeking advisingFor general advice, contact Department's advisor for first-year students, Professor James Hornsten. Please phone or e-mail for an appointment in advance. You can also visit the First Year Students section of our website. If you are declaring a major, please see one of the advisors below.

Advising Hours- Spring 2019 

If you are declaring a major or minor, you must fill out the worksheet found on our website and bring it to your meeting. If you are petitioning to graduate, you must fill out the form found on Weinberg’s website, print your degree progress report, and bring both to your meeting. All forms are also located in the Kellogg Global Hub outside our main office, #3317. 




Professor Gaston Illanes

Kellogg Global Hub 3421 (847-491-8227)




*Last date for advising is Monday, June 3, 2019

Professor Eric Auerbach

Kellogg Global Hub 3385 (847-491-4416)



*Last date for advising is Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Professor Vivek Bhattacharya

Kellogg Global Hub 3379 (847-491-8213)



10:45AM-Noon & 1:00-1:45PM

*Not available on Wednesday, May 8. You may see Christy Anderson if necessary from 11:00AM-Noon. 

*Last date for advising is Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Professor Mark Witte

Kellogg Global Hub 3393 (847-491-8481)




*Last date for advising is Thursday, June 13, 2019

Professor Matt Rognlie

Kellogg Global Hub 3451(847-491-8215)



*Last date for advising is Friday, June 14, 2019

Christy Anderson, Assistant Director

Kellogg Global Hub 3293 (847-491-2798)

By appointment only

If you are not able to attend Faculty Office Hours, you may make an appointment with Christy.

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