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Senior Lunch and Awards

Senior Lunch

To graduating Economics majors: 

We hope that you will attend our annual lunch to honor and celebrate your graduation from Northwestern and, specifically, from the best department in the University!  The lunch in your honor will start at noon, and will follow the graduation ceremonies. Make your way back to campus on the shuttle buses, and get off near the junction of Sheridan Road and Chicago Avenue. We will be serving cool drinks, sandwiches and desserts. A lot of the faculty will be there and we would like to get the chance to congratulate you and also to say nice things about you to your family and friends.

About 1pm, we will also be giving out the awards to the students who were awarded honors for their senior theses, those who have received Deibler or Eisner Awards for particularly outstanding senior theses or overall records in economics, and also the students who completed the BA/MA degree.

You are not required to attend the awards ceremony. So even if you are not an award recipient, we would love for you to show up to introduce your family to the professors, take some pictures, and grab some lunch between noon and 1pm.

It's a very nice event and we hope you can make it. We hope to see you all there!  Electronic invitations will be sent out to all Econ graduates and faculty in May 2018.  

Mark Witte
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Economics


The Frederick S. Deibler Award for Distinguished Honors Thesis is awarded each year to graduating seniors who have written exemplary senior theses. The Frederick S. Deibler Award for Excellence in Economics is awarded to graduating seniors who achieve the best performances in economic coursework. Frederick Deibler was a faculty member of the Economics Department from 1904-1942. A native of Indiana, Professor Deibler received his BA from Harvard in 1904 and his PhD from University of Wisconsin in 1909. His main research interests were labor markets and organizations, and his book “Principles of Economics” was first published in 1929. The Deibler Awards were established upon Professor Deibler’s retirement from Northwestern in 1942.

The Robert Eisner Award for Undergraduate Research is awarded to the graduating senior who demonstrates superb talent in conducting Public Policy undergraduate research in economics. Robert Eisner was a member of the Northwestern faculty from 1952-1994. He was recognized throughout the United States for his expertise and knowledge of macroeconomics and the economics of business cycles. He was a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and The Los Angeles Times, primarily covering national economic policy and reform. Read a full history of his teaching and professional career.

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