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BA/MA Program

The program gives outstanding, qualified undergraduate majors an opportunity to earn both a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College and a Master of Arts degree from The Graduate School. Because the program is very demanding,  admission is highly selective. Interested students should talk with the Director of Undergraduate Studies early in their careers at Northwestern. The program provides excellent preparation for further graduate study in economics or for professional positions in economic research.

Potential candidates must carefully plan their first three years of undergraduate study in order to qualify for consideration. The following conditions must normally be met by the end of the candidate's junior year.

In the senior year, the candidate must satisfy The Graduate School's requirements of three quarters of full-time graduate study, which consist of at least three, but no more than four, courses each quarter bearing graduate credit. Graduate-credit courses are those listed by The Graduate School; they include most courses at the 300 level and above. The following departmental requirements must be completed for the master's degree:

Undergraduates interested in this program should consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies early in their studies, certainly no later than the fall quarter of the junior year.

After obtaining the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, students submit a formal application to enter the program to The Graduate School.

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