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The following list includes Northwestern Economics graduate and undergraduate student tutors. (It is prohibited for graduate students to tutor for classes for which they are currently the Teaching Assistant.)

You may be able to coordinate with other students for a group tutoring session and lower rates. 

The Department of Economics makes no endorsements and assumes no liability for anything relating to tutoring.

Please contact if you are having difficulty finding the right fit.

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Betto, Maria (PhD student)
Microeconomics, Game Theory, Econometrics, StatisticsEmail Maria (PhD student) Betto
  • 1 person - $65/hour
Cuda, Cyril (PhD student)
Economics (undergraduate), Math (undergraduate), quantitative GREEmail Cyril (PhD student) Cuda
  • 1 person - $50/hour
  • 2 people - $30/hour each
Dr. Green has taught in leading economics departments and business schools.  In his tutoring, he has successfully helped students who have B's, C's and D's in a courses raise their grades to A's.  To achieve this kind of success, students must start early in the quarter and work with him on a weekly or biweekly basis.  What he teaches students about doing well helps them in all their courses and helps them realize their goals of gaining admission to graduate schools.  He is now accepting a limited number of students interested in being tutored.
Green, Gordon (PhD student)
Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Probability & Statistics, Econometrics, Industrial Organization, Law & Economics (Antitrust), Game Theory, Term Paper & Thesis WritingEmail Gordon (PhD student) Green
  • 1 person - $80/hour
  • 2 people - $60/hour each
Griffa, Cristina (PhD student)
Macroeconomics, International Economics, Debt, Money and Banking, Statistics, Game theoryEmail Cristina (PhD student) Griffa
  • Contact for pricing
Gu, Joy (Undergrad)
Undergrad Econ, stats/econometrics, undergrad mathEmail Joy (Undergrad) Gu
  • 1 person - $50/hour
  • 2 people - $30/hour each
Hu, Jingxiong (PhD student)
Finance, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Probability and Statistics, Mathematics, Python, Matlab, StataEmail Jingxiong (PhD student) Hu
  • 1 person - $100/hour
  • 2 people - $75/hour each
  • 3+ people - $50/hour each

I took math 230 and 234

I received top 1-10% scores for all examinations. (crowdmark proof available)

I have 200+ hours of experience in various math levels.


Ji, Nathan (Undergrad)
Math 230 and 234 Email Nathan (Undergrad) Ji
  • 1 person - $50/hour
Johnston, Andrew (Undergrad)
Microeconomics, Calculus Sequence, EconometricsEmail Andrew (Undergrad) Johnston
  • 1 person - $50/hour
  • 2 people - $30/hour each
  • 3 + people - $25/hour each
  • First Session- $15/hour each
Kozlov, Egor (PhD student)
Microeconomics (all level), Macroeconomics (200 level), Probability and Statistics, Econometrics, Labor, Public Economics, most of Econ field courses.Email Egor (PhD student) Kozlov
  • 1 person - $60/hour
  • 2 people - $45/hour each
Marone, Victoria (PhD student)
Microeconomics, Game Theory, Industrial Organization, Calculus, Probability and Statistics, MATLAB and STATAEmail Victoria (PhD student) Marone
  • 1 person - $100/hour
  • 2 people -$75/hour each
  • 3+ people- $50/hour each
Mo, Andrew (Undergrad)
Microeconomics (310-1, 310-2), Macroeconomics (311), Econometrics (281), Corporate FinanceEmail Andrew (Undergrad) Mo
  • 1 person - $50/hour
  • 2 people - $30/hour each
Moazezi, Bijan (Undergrad)
Economics (undergraduate), Maths (undergraduate), Accounting, Quantitative GRE/GMATEmail Bijan (Undergrad) Moazezi
  • 1 person - $40/hour
  • 2 people - $20/hour each

I have been doing a lot of tutoring the past three years (started Chicagoland tutoring company out of high school) and have continued tutoring for N'CAT on campus (student-athlete tutoring)!

Moazezi , Bijan (Undergrad)
Economics (undergraduate), Maths (undergraduate), Accounting, Quantitative GRE/GMATEmail Bijan (Undergrad) Moazezi
  • 1 person - $40/hour
  • 2 people - $20/hour each
Mueller, Joris (PhD student)
Econometrics (281), Development Economics, law and economics (351), Thesis / paper helpEmail Joris (PhD student) Mueller
  • 1 person - $60/hour
  • 2 people - $80/hour
Novicoff, Zach (Undergrad)
Intro to Micro, Intro to MacroEmail Zach (Undergrad) Novicoff
  • 1 person - $50/hour
  • 2 people - $35/hour each
  • 3 people - $30/hour each
  • 4 people - $25/hour each
Oh, Michael (Undergrad)
Economics (undergraduate) Finance (undergraduate) Accounting (undergraduate)Email Michael (Undergrad) Oh
  • 1 person - $35/hour
  • 2 people - $25/hour each
Povman, Benjamin (Undergrad)
Mircoeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics at the 200 level, StatisticsEmail Benjamin (Undergrad) Povman
  • 1 person - $30/hour or $200 for entire quarter
Valenzuela-Stookey, Quitzé (PhD student)
Microeconomics, Game theory, Industrial OrganizationEmail Quitzé (PhD student) Valenzuela-Stookey
  • 1 person - $75/hour
  • 2 people - $45/hour each
  • 3 or more people- $40/hour each
Wu, Ashley (Undergrad)
Economics (undergraduate), Corporate Finance, Investments, Econometrics, Maths (undergraduate), STATA, MATLAB, Python, all basic Engineering classes Email Ashley (Undergrad) Wu
  • 1 person - $45/hour
  • 2 people - $25/hour each
  • 3 or more people- $20 hour each
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