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Incomplete Grades Policy

The Graduate School defines an incomplete grade as follows:

"A grade of Y is given when a student does not submit all assigned work in a course; a grade of X is given when a student fails to take the final examination. All X or Y grades are incompletes and must be made up within one calendar year of the date the grade is incurred, ...; after one calendar year, the X or Y becomes a permanent grade on the record."

Moreover, "[a] student whose overall grade average is below B or who has more than one incomplete grade or who fails to make progress toward the degree in accordance with the requirements adopted by the Graduate Faculty is not meeting academic standards."

Students who are not in "Good Academic Standing" are unable to receive financial aid, and receive warning letters from the Graduate School.

The Department implemented the Economics 501 seminar in the mid-1990s to provide a forum for presenting papers. Consequently, faculty are expected to limit field course assignments to those which are expected to be completed during the quarter the course is offered. In addition to the usual examinations, homework assignments and "referee reports," it was felt to be especially useful if faculty required students to prepare an "outline" or "prospectus" for a paper. The objective is to avoid the needless accumulation of incomplete grades that frequently cause students to be reprimanded by the Graduate School.

There are only two exceptions to this policy. First, the History requirement (Economics 420) can assign an incomplete grade for 12 months to permit completion of a history paper which is outside of the Economics 501 seminar. Second, econometrics courses can assign an incomplete only until the end of the vacation period following the quarter the class is in.

Otherwise, all and any incomplete grades require the permission of the Director of Graduate Studies.

Students should notify the Director of Graduate Studies immediately of any violation of this policy.

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