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Joel Mokyr Quick Take on 19th Century Tech Boom

June 8, 2018
Quick take: Joel Mokyr, a foremost 19th century scholar at Northwestern University, suggests that the Industrial Revolution and World War I are less of a window into what’s coming from our tech revolution than people presume.

Joseph Hardwick wins Weinberg College Teaching Award

June 6, 2018
Joseph Hardwick, a PhD candidate in economics who, as one student said, "is responsible and enthusiastic in teaching, knowledgeable and always eager to learn, and most importantly, sincerely caring [toward] his students.”

Student-led NET a Success

April 19, 2018
The Undergraduate Economic Society (UES) successfully planned and produced the second annual Northwestern Economics Tournament (NET) on April 7, 2018. NET welcomed 16 high school teams from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs to the Kellogg Global Hub to participate in a day filled with quiz bowls and lectures from our distinguished graduate students and faculty members.

Opinion piece on Matthew Notowidigdo’s NEJM paper: The truth about medical bankruptcies

April 10, 2018
The NEJM paper is part of a larger project, which the authors recently wrote up for the American Economic Review. That paper found that the size of the drop in income after an illness was about five times that of the resulting medical bills, suggesting that the financial strain is likely to be much more driven by income loss than health-care costs.

Faculty Spotlight: Cynthia Kinnan

March 1, 2018
Throughout her career, IPR economist Cynthia Kinnan has sought to bring scientific tools to the conversation about poverty in the developing world.
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