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Joel Mokyr receives the 2018 Elinor Ostrom Prize

September 18, 2018
The annual Elinor Ostrom Prize competition of £1000 is awarded to the best paper published in the Journal of Institutional Economics in the preceding year. The winner of the 2018 Elinor Ostrom Prize is Avner Greif and Joel Mokyr (2017) “Cognitive rules, institutions and economic growth: Douglass North and beyond” JOIE 13(1): 25-52.

Melanie Meng Xue's article: Cotton textile production in medieval China unravelled patriarchy

June 28, 2018
Using a detailed historical case – the cotton revolution in China – we can see that patriarchal beliefs are indeed highly resilient but also that they can be transformed by a sufficiently large increase in women’s productivity. The image of highly productive women positively shapes cultural beliefs about women’s ability, and then translates into a more positive view about women in general.
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