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Econ Open House a Success!

October 30, 2019
Thank you to the more than 75 students, faculty, and staff who attended our Open House. We enjoyed sharing information and insights about our major and department and hope to see you at another event soon!


Robert J. Gordon & Hassan Sayed - The industry anatomy of the transatlantic productivity growth slowdown: Similarities outweigh the differences

September 4, 2019 – from VOX , CEPR Policy Portal
Since 2005, productivity growth in the US and Europe has dipped below 1%. Using new industry-level from the US and ten EU countries, this column shows that that the industrial composition of the slowdown was similar in Europe and the US. Falling multifactor productivity growth explains both the magnitude and composition of falling productivity growth on both sides of the Atlantic. Decelerating technical change, rather than slowing investment, was the primary driving force in the transatlantic slowdown.
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