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Economics Major

Below, you can read about requirements for a major in economics.

Many Economics students complete a double major. Learn about complementary programs that are often taken in conjunction with Economics.

Outstanding majors may pursue honors in economics through a research paper completed in their senior year. Our selective four-year BA/MA program is also an option for qualified Economics majors.  

Core Courses in Economics (6)

* The Economics 281 requirement will be waived if you take Economics 381-1 as a field course.

Advanced Field Courses in Economics (6)

Six 300-level economics courses (in addition to 310-1, 310-2 and 311). Subject to department approval, students may count up to two non-economics classes such as Anthropology 341 Economic Anthropology or Mathematics 366-1 Mathematical Models in Finance as Economics field courses. Any such substitutions must be noted on a student's petition to graduate and initialed by an economics adviser. This is usually done at the end of junior year.

Note that Economics 249 Business Strategy is designed for non-majors. Majors should not take this course, but should take Economics 349 Industrial Economics which cover the same material at a higher level. Economics 249 does not count either as an advanced field course or as a related course for the Major in Economics.

Courses in Related Fields (5)

Grade Requirement

All core, field, and related courses must be taken for a letter grade (not P/N) and must be passed with a grade of C- or higher. It should be noted that to calculate your "Economics GPA" you should not count your five related courses. The courses that you are required to count are all 6 core courses and all 6 300-level economics field courses.

Dual Majors

Most dual majors need to satisfy the full requirements of both Departments or Programs. However, there are some exceptions for students dual majoring with:

Class of 2017 Destination Report

The Northwestern Career Advancement Office released a report showing that 96% of Northwestern students are employed, enrolled in graduate/professional school, or pursuing other career-related activities within six months of graduation. 

Economic Majors fared better at 98% being employed or enrolled in graduate/professional school, or pursuing other career-related activities within six months of graduation. 42% of students went into Business & Financial Services and 29% went into consulting. 



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